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Evangeline is a Reiki Master and Teacher based in New York NY. She is also Certified as a Crystal Healer and Psychic Reader. 

Evangeline was recently awarded #1 in Energy Healing for Thumbtack BEST OF 2015.

Evangeline is a Powerful Gifted Psychic, Reiki Healer & Love Specialist.
She has 25 years experience as a certified psychic reiki healing professional. Evangeline has been blessed with this powerful gift to help guide, teach and advise people with there everyday confusions to helping there biggest problems. Whether you are looking for insight from Evangeline's astounding accurate psychic readings, severe relationship assistants or needing chakra balancing/aura cleansing Evangeline can help you gain higher knowledge, self control feel uplifted and obtain peace of mind! 

Evangeline comes from a long lineage of Intuitives and Mediums. She believes that in order for healing to be most effective it should include a combination of modalities that enhance the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Evangeline utilizes both her intuition and her extensive scholastic training in her healing work. She reads Auras and Chakras and receives information during her energy sessions which can be used to gain a richer sense of where and why there may be blockages. She has the ability to connect to her clients on a deeply personal level and offers spiritual counseling as part of the healing process.

Aside from obtaining Reiki Master, a Crystal Healer, and two Psychic Reader Certifications, Evangeline has taken various classes over the years on developing and recognizing her Psychic gifts, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and other Energy Healing Modalities. She loves to learn and is always looking for new ways to help her own healing process and those she works with and teaches.
Disclaimer: Results May Vary. May Not Apply To Everyone's Situation. You Must Be 18 Years or Older To Purchase Readings/Services/Sessions.

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